Sweden Names Final 23 Players for Championship

from press release

Coaches Kim Langeborg and Tobias Kindblom, both of whom have had international experience with Team Sweden as players, have selected a 23-man team that will compete for Sweden in the 2014 FIL World Lacrosse Championship. 

Head Coach Langeborg said, "We are really proud of all the guys that have fought for a final spot on the roster. The past six months, seeing all the players and making the tough decisions when trimming the roster from 46 to the final 23 players has been very hard, but also makes us very proud of the growth and accomplishments that Sweden lacrosse has undertaken the past years.  We are really looking forward to working with this team leading up to Denver."

The Swedish National team features players from the eight Swedish programs, including a number of returning players from the 2010 world championships and the 2012 European championship in which Sweden captured the bronze medal.  This year’s team will consist of experience and youth.  Team Sweden will travel to Colorado on July 5th to begin final training camp before the tournament begins on July 11th.

The 2014 Swedish men’s Lacrosse national team:

Jonathan Andreassen - Nordia Lacrosse
Richard Zeidlitz - Sundbyberg

Dickson Smith III - University of Virginia
Eric Smith - Taft School
Peter Welff - Farsta Lacrosse
Martin Davidsson - Farsta Lacrosse
Johan Hillergren - Farsta Lacrosse
Daniel Jonegård - Nordia Lacrosse

Jonny Axelsson - Farsta Lacrosse
Sanny Falk - Sundbyberg
Mattias Eklund - Göteborg Seahawks
Calle Ohlsson - Nordia Lacrosse
Thomas Rydenstam - Nordia Lacrosse
Jimmy Carlsten - Nordia Lacrosse
Björn Johansson - Sundbyberg
Jimmy Blomgren - Karlstad KAUIF Vikings
Sten Jernudd - Cornell University
Tim Riley - Bamboozers

Kevin Powers - Dominican
Benny Axelsson - Farsta Lacrosse
Jonas Drakenberg - Farsta Lacrosse
Alex Edenå - Nordia Lacrosse
August Snyder - McDowell High School

Sweden Lacrosse was founded in 1992 and is the national governing body of Lacrosse in Sweden. The Swedish men’s Lacrosse national team is currently ranked 3rd in Europe (EC 2012) and 10th in the world (WC 2010). For more info please contact John Sagrelius, President Sweden Lacrosse, john@lacrosse.se