Norway Names Final Roster for Championship

Coaches Dan Scolaro and Jim Morrison, both Notre Dame graduates, have selected the 23-man team that will compete for Norway in the 2014 FIL World Lacrosse Championship. The final roster was selected on January 8th following six months of practice with the training squad.

Jim Morrison said, “The level of competition amongst our training squad made this selection incredibly difficult. I am thrilled with the roster we have selected and excited to showcase Norwegian lacrosse in Denver.”

Dan Scolaro added, “Our team includes a mix of veterans with international experience and young talent. The difficulty in selecting the roster speaks volumes about the growth of the game in Norway and its promising future. We look forward to the next seven months of training in preparation for the world stage.”

The National Team features players from seven Norwegian programs, with the reigning Norwegian champions, NTNUI of Trondheim, contributing four players.  

The roster is as follows:

Erlend Hoel (Stange, Norway)
Hein Hofvind (Hometown, Norway)

Aleksander Sars (Kristiansand, Norway)
Thomas Liseth (Bergen, Norway)
Arild Rune Nedreberg (Stryn, Norway)
Henrik Schrøder (Asker, Norway)
Magnus Haynes (Asker, Norway)
Lars Åmellem (Jar, Norway)

Steffen Backe (Asker, Norway)
Alf Halland Nesse (Stord, Norway)
Didrik Abrahamsen (Asker, Norway)
Kristofer Kragerud (Oslo, Norway)
Christian Roness (Oslo, Norway)
Niklas Sparr Johnsen (Oslo, Norway)
Lars Rysst (Bekkestua, Norway)
Alexander Seldal Bakke (Billingstad, Norway)
Carl-Peter Lian (Oslo, Norway)
Jakob Spieler Palmers (Nesodden, Norway)

Thomas Laycock (Rykkinn, Norway)
Aksel Louis Legouy Kvaal (Bærum, Norway)
Jesper Norman Hjorth (Asker, Norway)
Ole Petter Leite (Oslo, Norway)
Per-Arne Winsnes Kvalvåg (Drammen, Norway)