FIL Adds China and Peru as Associate Members

from press release

The Federation of International Lacrosse is excited to announce the addition of two new members. The forty-fourth member of the FIL is the China Lacrosse Association. The forty-fifth member is the Peru Lacrosse Association.

This now gives Asia seven regional FIL members and the Latin/South American region a fifth member.

Interest in lacrosse is growing steadily in China. This photo was taken during a recent clinic in Shanghai.

China has been playing lacrosse in Beijing since the 1990's and in Shanghai since the 2000's. The Japanese Lacrosse Association has conducted numerous clinics and tournaments in assisting with the growth of lacrosse in China. They have invested hundreds of hours in developing lacrosse in this region and are to be congratulated on their efforts. The China Lacrosse Association (CLA) submitted a joint FIL associate membership application in 2011 and was approved for membership at the 2012 FIL Board annual meeting on January 15, 2012. The CLA participation level is over 300 members with plans to reach 3000 within five years. The CLA development plan also includes expansion to 15 Chinese provinces in the future.

The FIL welcomes one of our newest members from Asia and looks forward to their participation in FIL events in the coming years. We plan to conduct clinics and assist their programs with equipment grants and coaching seminars.

The Peru Lacrosse Association is relatively new on the international lacrosse scene with its formation in early 2010. Their leadership has been working extremely hard to become eligible for consideration into the FIL. This work has been rewarded as the FIL Board of Directors approved Peru for Associate FIL membership at the 2012 meetings in Philadelphia on January 15, 2012. Peru joins Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Guatemala as FIL members from Latin/South America.

As participation in lacrosse grows in this region the FIL is hopeful that countries such as EI Salvador, Columbia, Chile and Panama will join the current FIL member's in future international events.